Lifeforms - Sex Panther E.P. - INM1DIGI084
Release date September 24th, 2012

Sex is probably the most popular word in every search engine, picture database and youth conversations. It is ironic then, that although many other disciplines have evolved throughout the years, sex has remained in stagnation. Since psychedelic music is meant to open the doors of perception, it is about time that it will stretch the boundaries of sex as well. We thus present to you Sex Panther, your instructor for advanced lessons in sex education, 60% of the time it works, every time.

The man behind these lessons is Lifeforms, aka Charlie Molden, from Oxford, UK. It was at University that he started to mold his desire towards Psytrance and it wasn't long before he realized that he wanted to practice the crafts of creating the music. He started his way as a Full-On artist known as First Flex on the infamous Alchemy Records, where he released his EP – Bright Lights. But then he started to feel the itch, that inner feeling underneath his skin that told him he needs to go to a different direction and make Progressive sounds… and so Lifeforms was born.

Every lesson starts with a proper introduction, so the instructor Lifeforms introduced his novel approach, in what he calls Sex Panther. After some awkwardness the lesson showed examples of the conservative methods that most of us were familiar with, but then the innovations came. They are called Bdesha and are actually hybrid versions of Eastern methods that were hidden in scrolls that were recently found. However, thanks to the cooperation with Redrosid, we were fortunate to learn them and later on transform them into Red Forms. Confused? It works every time.