Space Hypnose - The Jungle Comes Alive - INM1DIGI098
Release date February 18th, 2013

It is hard to believe that a few centuries ago we had pieces of nature without any human intervention. However, if you search long enough, in distant places across the globe you can still find jungles which have been isolated and preserved. These places might look quiet and harmless, but when you get closer, in the middle of the night, the Jungle Comes Alive!!!

Space Hypnose, aka Michael Mordehayov, is an Israeli artist originally from Azerbaijan, and is a new discovery in the Psytrance frontiers. He started creating music when he was 14 years old and didn’t stop since. Mordehayov has started making Chill-Out and only recently moved to the Progressive Psytrance planet, he already released several EPs on Iono Music, and this is new rabbit from his sleeve.

The Space Hypnose trip begins once the magical Jungle Comes Alive. It is then that the trees start to move, the animals start to run around like crazy and the birds start to sing in a chaotic manner. For an outsider it might look like it is a sort of Alien Forest, but we know that it is part of the hypnotic treatment.

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