Taboo - Life In The Universe - INM1DIGI135
Release date April 28th, 2014

Everybody is looking for the meaning of life, that is, what it means to have a Life in the Universe. Religions, spiritual theories and science have tried since the dawn of ages to solve this mystery in order to reach this elusive understanding. But perhaps we do not need to reach the catharsis of a final understanding, maybe we can just accept life as it is and linger in the sonic treasures that Taboo has given us.

This oozing piece is made by Taboo, aka Michael Mordehayov, an Israeli artist (also known as Space Hypnose) originally from Azerbaijan, and slowly conquering the entire psychedelic realm. In this EP Mordehayov leaps back to his Chill-Out origins to deliver the much needed soothing sounds that wrap you in a sea of clouds into the Promised Land.

Life in the Universe will always remain a mystery, an unveiled slippery thing that escapes our sensorium endlessly. Therefore, there is no need to look for an Astrological Symbol in order to try and reach some kind of answer. It will always be this thing that is between Lost Worlds. So why don’t you just enjoy the journey and accept life as it is?

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