Profiler, Switzerland


Marko Meister alias Profiler was born 29th of January 1983 in Baden, Switzerland. He got his first impression of the DJ-Business at age 13. His parents supported him already in his young age by buying him his first Vinyls. At the start he was mainly interested in Trance music and started to produce his own Demos. After a while he wanted to open up his horizon and push his talent by competing in different DJ contests like „Gate one“, „Niaxa“ and „Mainstation which he all successfully won. Based on his achievements he catched people`s attention and became a permanent DJ at the legendary „White Wolf“ event.

He cooperated in DJ Toxic`s Video „Sunlight“ in Belgrade, which was Track No. 1 in the Swiss Dance Charts for several weeks. He also gave an interview in Belgrade to the serbian TV channel TV-Metropolice. Thats the reason why he also caugth attention from abroad. Profiler now got booked for Partys and Clubs in Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Austria and Serbia, thereby he expanded his sence of tact and gave a strong utterance to his sound.
2006 brought a turn for the young DJ from Switzerland and he changed his style of music to progressive Trance. He and his friends started 2007 the Event-Label „ Swiss Progressive Artists“. At the start the label primarily supported other partys to organize the bar, the buildup and especially the bookings of national and international DJ`s. As the whole team is working with passion and joy and the structure of the company is simple and clear, the label is able to organize small, big and even open air events on its own. Events with attractive live act`s and DJ`s like the Iono Music Label Nights.
His biggest Highlight until now thought was in 2008, when he got booked for „Atlantis“ Party in London. That was a huge honor.

Until today he plays himself trough the progressive Trance scene across the whole country with passion and dedication. 2009 he became a resident DJ for the Yuniverse Club in in Switzerland and lately he is also a resident DJ for the organizer of the Zoom Party which is taking place in the Wooz Club. There he organized also the Woozopia with his Label and was able to book live act`s from all over Europe.

In Profilers opinion there is no other Musik that touches him as much as the progressive Trance, because there are so many facets of it. The perfection and the precision of the beats, the bass lines, in general the rhythm. The unlimited opportunities that Progressive Trance has to offer is just endless. His DJ sets which he likes to play at dawn and at after hour partys are rhythmic, powerful and thrilling so its hard to resist and everybody will let oneself get carried away by his sound and mixes.

You can be anxious what the future will bring...