Sonic Entity - Future Evolution - INM1DIGI100
Release date March 11th, 2013

It is sometimes not clear what came first, our interpretation of the future or the natural Future Evolution. It seems like many of our prophecies in movies, books and television series have dictated the way our future has been paved, so do we actually predict and shape our own future? Do we evolve in a linear progressive way to a more sophisticated life or is it the other way around? Whatever the answer may be, what is certain is we will have a Sonic Entity to accompany us with kick ass music while we go to the future.

Our guide to the Future Evolution is Sonic Entity aka Nikola Gasic from Belgrade, Serbia. Gasic started his expedition in 2008, after a long involvement in the Psytrance scene. His debut album Twister came out on Yellow Sunshine Explosion in 2012 and he has released his music in various labels. Now he re-joins the Iono Music family for a futuristic adventure.

The time vessel has lifted off and taken into the frontiers of Future Evolution. It dives into space where the stars and moon shine the way to The Other side of the planet. The isolation and detachment from planet earth enabled a deep self-reflection that gave birth to An Expression that was never heard before. You want to know how does it sound? Just put the play button…